Sling TV Launches ‘Freeview Weekends’ to Give Subscribers Free Access to Premium Channels

Sling TV announced today the launch of “Freeview Weekends” to bring paid Sling subscribers access to “select standalone streaming services” every weekend through August.

This weekend, subscribers will get access to Showtime, beginning Friday, June 24 and running through Monday, June 27. This free preview is only for subscribers. If you don’t already have Sling, you can sign up here and get half off of your first month.

“SLING launched in 2015 with one goal in mind: provide people easy access to their favorite shows and content, without a bloated monthly bill,” said Gary Schanman, executive vice president and group president of SLING TV. “This sentiment holds true today – if a user wants to subscribe to any of our nearly 50 premium standalone services à la carte, they can do it. And now with Freeview Weekends, our current subscribers can ‘try before they buy’ every Summer weekend with no strings attached by simply turning on SLING to ensure they pay only for what they want to watch.” 

Sling explains that during Freeview Weekends, customers have access to standalone streaming services’ live schedule and on-demand content library. Most weekends, the preview will start on Friday and will run through Monday. Along with Showtime, services included in the lineup are EPIX, Hallmark Movies Now, Curiosity Stream, Sundance Now, AMC+ and more.

If you’re a Sling subscriber, the weekly Freeview service will be automatically available on your homepage and within the guide – no strings attached.