Sling TV Launches a New Site Attacking “Old TV”

sling tv commercialSling TV has long called cable TV, “old TV,” and now they seem to be ramping up their attacks on cable TV’s bad customer service.

With the launch of, Sling TV is curating the best stories about able TV’s bad customer service with a collection of stories and YouTube videos from both professional sources, such as Comedy Central, and commercials from Sling TV. also features videos  from cable subscribers struggling to cancel their service or dealing with other cable-related headaches. Along with stories on, such as the Comcast customer who was called a ‘Super B—-‘ on her bill or the Comcast customer who had their names changed to “***hole Brown” on their bill.

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This is not the first time Sling TV has used the “old TV” name to attack their competitors. In their first TV ads they pictured cable providers as uncaring bullies.

This new ad campaign is not the only news Sling TV has this summer. Sling TV recently struck a deal with Viacom to bring Viacom channels to Sling TV as a new add-on, resulting in even more content for Sling TV. Sling TV also added the new Apple TV as a supported device in June making Sling TV the only live TV service available on the Apple TV.

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