Sling TV Now Offers the Most Channels Per Dollar (But Does That Even Matter?)

Channel Surfing ManI have recently noticed a growing trend of new cord cutters wanting to know what service offers the most channels for what they pay. Many new cord cutters are looking for the best return on their dollar.

If that is what you are looking at you likely want Sling TV. For $40 you can get 86 channels and a DVR. (Sling Orange is $20 plus their $10 4 Extra Deal and their $5 sports package. We also added the $5 DVR option.) If you don’t want the DVR, you can get 86 channels for just $35 a month easily beating DIRECTV NOW’s 60 channels for $35.

Compare that to services starting at $40 per month, and you can pick from PlayStation Vue with 45 channels, YouTube TV with 53 channels, and Hulu with 52 channels.

So how can Sling TV offer so many more channels per dollar than their competitors? According to Sling TV’s president, it costs $12 a month to offer locals and it is reportedly going up to $15 a month next year. Locals are some of the most expensive channels.

By not offering locals Sling TV can offer more channels per dollar. To replace locals, Sling TV has been pushing antennas even going so far as to offer to install an antenna for you if you are willing to pay.

The Real Question: Do Channels Per Dollar Matter?

Does any of that matter? If a service has a ton of channels you don’t want, is it worth paying for them? Each live TV streaming service targets a slightly different crowd. Sling TV is clearly going after subscribers who use an antenna. DIRECTV NOW, Hulu, and YouTube TV are targeting people who want locals streaming through their live TV streaming service.

With cord cutting, you will be far better served looking for the service that offers the networks you want. There are many options to best fit what you want, so I would encourage cord cutters to do some research and pick the service that offers the networks you want to get the content you want. For one person Sling TV may be great, but for some others, it may not give the content wanted.

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