Sling TV Now Offers Unlimited LTE Streaming on T-Mobile With No Data Cap

DishLogo-RedSling TV and T-Mobile have teamed up to not count Sling TV streaming against T-Mobile LTE data caps.

Starting this Sunday, November 15, T-Mobile customers with Sling TV can stream as much as they want, minus the stress of worrying about data caps. Plus, T-Mobile customers with qualified plans can receive a 7-day free trial of Sling TV and , courtesy of T-Mobile.

With this new program from Sling TV and T-Mobile, you have unlimited access to your TV as you do with your music. Now you can watch your favorite shows, live or on-demand, anytime or anywhere, without the fear of astronomical data overages, and only with Sling TV and Binge On.

How it works

How do you get Binge On? If you’re already a T-Mobile customer on a Simple Choice plan, you don’t even need to sign up—starting this Sunday, November 15, you’re automatically enrolled in Binge On, at no extra charge. To start your 7-day free trial of Sling TV and find out how to get your first 12 months of the “Best of Live TV” package for $14 per month, go to

You can also stream unlimited HBO, Hulu, and Netflix as part of this deal if you are a subscriber to T-Mobile Binge On service.

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