RCA Antennas & Sling TV Team Up

SlingOur coverage of CES 2016 is sponsored by Mohu Antennas the #1 indoor antenna manufacturer.  Find out how many free OTA channels you are missing out on by clicking HERE.

Today RCA Antennas and Sling TV announced that new RCA Antennas will come with a free 10 day trial of Sling TV. For $60 not only do you get 20 of the best channels on cable TV—from CNN and TBS to ESPN—but you will also get free access to FOX, NBC, ABC, and CBS with your antenna.

“RCA Antennas are a great complement to the premium entertainment we offer through Sling TV,” said Glenn Eisen, CMO of Sling TV. “Many of our customers express interest in purchasing an over-the-air antenna, and this promotion makes it easier than ever for our customers to access all of the entertainment they love at an affordable price.”

“More Americans are seeing the benefits of using an over-the-air antenna,” says Ian Geise, Senior Vice President, RCA. “Not only is our antenna technology advancing to deliver the strongest signals and highest quality broadcast content, but the increased availability of streaming services like Sling TV are making it effortless for consumers to customize the content they want to create a package that’s perfectly tailored to them.”

Sling TV has long said they do not see a reason to charge for local TV stations when their customers can get the channels for free. One reason Sling TV does not want to carry local channels may be due to the skyrocketing costs for cable companies to carry local stations but it looks like they may have found a way around that.

Now that Sling TV is pushing 20 channels for $20 and free local TV stations with purchase of a antenna it will be interesting to see how cable TV companies respond. With many Americans getting 30 or more channels over-the-air free and Sling TV costing just $20, this puts $100 cable TV in a difficult spot.

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