Sling TV Updated Now Blocks Android TV/Kodi Boxes And Fire TV


UPDATE: Fire TV devices are also blocked in the latest updated.

We are receiving wide spread reports that the Sling TV app for Android now blocks Android TV boxes like the G-Box Q. After installing the app on a G-Box Q you receive the following error message “This version of Sling TV is not supported on this device.  Please try re-installing from the app store (2-49)”.

We can confirm that the app use to work as seen in our review of Sling TV from a few weeks ago.

We can also confirm if you have an older version of the app it will still work. This does not seem to be a live update to all apps just new downloads of the Sling TV app. Our G-Box Q allowed us to use the app as well as sign out and back in.

The update seems to have happened sometime in the last week. Sling TV has not made official announcement and they have not replied to our request for comment yet. (Being the weekend we don’t expect to hear back until Monday.)

Are you having this issue with the G-Box Q or other Android based boxes? Please let us know in the comments.

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