Smart TVs for Every Budget

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Over the years, smart TVs (TV’s with built-in operating systems that support streaming services and apps), have become much more common. We’re well beyond that days where only the highest-end TVs offered onboard support for the Netflixes and Hulus of the world. So if you’re just getting into cord cutting and could use some help finding an option that fits your needs, we’ve put together a few suggestions at all sorts of price points. Of course, there are far, far more choices out there that what you’ll find below, but we think these can help you get started on your cord cutting journey.

Smart TVs Under $250

TVs in this price bracket tend to be one the smaller side, which might be great if you’re shopping for a small apartment or dorm room. Plus, if space is a concern, the integrated Roku support means you won’t need a separate streaming device taking up precious room.

Smart TVs From $250 to $500

In the $250 to $500 range, you’ll find a wider selection of larger TVs, often with more advanced features and better performance. At these sizes, 4K resolution starts to make more of a difference, depending of course, on the content you’re watching.

Smart TVs from $500 to $1,000

Now we’re starting to get into higher-end territory: With even bigger screen sizes, more features, and higher performance.

Smart TVs from $1,000 and up

Now, before we get into these options, it’s worth mentioning that high-end smart TVs that support the new ATSC 3.0 standard are coming to the market in the fairly near future. ATSC 3.0, also known as Next-Gen TV, is the next evolution in over-the-air broadcasting and will offer support for features like 4K resolution and HDR. Most current TVs will need an external tuner to receive ATSC 3.0 signals, so if you’re looking to invest a lot of money (and you’re willing to wait a bit longer), it might be worth holding off until those new models arrive. If time is more important, though, and you’re fine without ATSC 3.0 (or fine adding an external tuner at a later date), read on!

Again, these are just a few of the smart TV options out there, but we think each of these could make a great fit depending on your needs and budget. And if you’ve recently purchased a smart TV and want to share what you experience has been like so far, feel free to let us know in the comments section down below!

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