So Quibi is Doing Drive-in Movies Now

In a new turn of events, Quibi flipped a 180 and dived right into the world of the drive-in movie, taking one of it’s “quick bite” shows and showing it in full-length movie form. Apparently, Quibi partnered with Collider to host the drive-in movie experience to screen the Quibi Orignal Stranger in Los Angeles last week.

The event was free, all guests had to do was send a (corny) email to the Collider gods, oh and sign up for the Collider Newsletter, in order to be entered into the drawing. Those who were chosen got to show up to the thriller movie screening last week, and Quibi even fed guests free dinner served straight to their cars. Looks like Quibi’s in the foodservice game now?

If we sound a little sarcastic or pessimistic about this new Quibi venture, it’s because we are. In the beginning, Quibi’s entire existence revolved around bringing short-form content to the screen in your pocket so you can fill your downtime with entertainment. Because you know, we’re in a society that just gets so bored while waiting in line at the grocery store, or for our name to be mispronounced at Starbucks.

After a rocky start (to put it nicely), Quibi continues to try to reinvent itself as a streaming service. After advertisers started to revise their deals with the low-performing streamer, it went against its entire concept that some say doomed it from the start and launched Airplay and Chromecast support so viewers could watch on their big screens. Roku and Fire TV apps are also rumored to be in the works, so you can turn on your TV and settle in for a whole 10 minutes of fun from the comfort of your couch.

Needless to say, watching Quibi struggle to gain traction has been both painful and interesting to watch. What’s in store for the streamer next? We can’t dare to guess.

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