Sonos is Offering 6 Months of Disney+ for Free With Soundbar Purchase

Starting October 1-31, Sonos is giving six months of Disney+ for free to customers who purchase an Arc, Beam, or a qualifying Speaker Set. This offer is good through the whole month of October and available to new Disney+ subscribers.

Sonos and Disney+ have announced a multi-part fall campaign centered around the Season 2 premiere of Disney’s The Mandalorian headed for the streamer October 30. The campaign features different Sonos devices as a way to more fully immerse viewers in the epic audio experience that accompanies the series. With the Dolby Atmos with Arc, viewers can get a totally immersive experience with surround sound. Get transported by Ludwig Göransson’s powerful musical score, hear TIE fighters blasting from behind, and feel the rumbling of the Razor Crest from below as it takes off,

The campaign rolled out this week on Disney-owned media outlets including ESPN and Hulu.

“As we spend more time at home, our living rooms have become the hub of entertainment for album releases, season premieres, and straight-to-streaming blockbuster debuts,” said Pete Pedersen, VP of Marketing at Sonos. “Our goal is to make it easy to enjoy all of your favorite music and streaming video content in better sound with Sonos. We are working with Disney to give fans an even more immersive experience for one of the best sounding shows streaming today.”

“High-quality sound is integral to the Star Wars experience,” said Matthew Wood, Supervising Sound Editor at Skywalker Sound and award-winning Co-Supervising Sound Editor for The Mandalorian.“The Mandalorian, now heading into season two, extends that legacy with a carefully crafted balance of the series’ powerful score, immersive sound effects, and clear dialogue to guide fans into new worlds.”

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