Sony Bans Kodi from Sony Android TV Products

Latin woman looking disappointed at her laptopscreen, sitting behind her desk at the office.For years there have been rumors of companies banning Kodi from their products. Now Sony has officially banned Kodi by blocking its install in the firmware of their newer Android TV devices.

In a post on the official Kodi Twitter Account, the Kodi Team said: “Well done @SonyElectronics for actively preventing users from installing Kodi on their newer Android TVs devices including their new smart TVs that run Android TV. . How grown up of you. Even their firmware in the TVs is broken. Guess we will suggest users to just buy something else that does work.”

Kodi is a media center software that allows third-party developers to build add-ons. These third-party add-ons seem to be the core of the issue, because many of them allow piracy. This, for some time, made Kodi one of the most popular software options when it came to piracy.

While Kodi has nothing to do with third-party add-ons and Kodi is available in the official Google Play store, Sony has decided to ban it. There will likely be a workaround, but Sony seems to be hoping to block the average user from accessing Kodi on its devices.

The question now is will other companies follow Sony’s lead. For Sony, the issue of Kodi and piracy is more important than for other Android TV box manufacturers. Sony, also a content creator and likely sees this as a movie to protect their content.

Will this change your opinion of buying a Sony TV? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

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