Sony Says Its Bravia Core Streaming Service Rivals 4K Blu-ray Quality

Alongside its new line of Bravia XR TVs, Sony is also using CES 2021 to discuss its high-bitrate streaming service, a movie-focused effort known as Bravia Core. The subscription service will be available for new Bravia XR TVs, though the exact terms depend on which model you pick up.

The service itself will include a library of what Sony’s describing as “at least 300 movies” — and promotional materials make liberal use of Sony Pictures productions like Venom and Spider-Man Far From Home. The company says Bravia Core can leverage an adaptive streaming tech called Pure Stream, which can crank up the bitrate to 80 Mbps. During its online media event earlier this week, Sony said the service’s streaming quality can rival 4K Blu-ray, though you’ll probably want to keep a very close eye on your ISP’s data caps if you have one.

In all, 10 models are eligible for the Bravia Core service: Z9J, A90J, A80J, X95J, X92, X90J, A80CJ, X90CJ, X91CJ and X80CJ. If you pick up a Z9J, A90J, A80CJ, or X90CJ TV, you’ll be eligible for 10 credits — one credit grants access to one movie. Meanwhile, if you buy one of the other eligible TVs, you’ll have 5 credits to spend on movies.

You can find more details about the promotion over on this product page and we’re looking forward to learning more about the service (including potential pricing after promotional deals like this one expire) in the future.

CES 2021 is in full swing and we’ll have much more coverage all week long. Stay tuned for more news from the virtual showfloor.

Featured image: Sony