Soon You Will Be Able To Order Pizza From Hulu Ads

Pizza Hut is at it again. After a successful roll out of their Xbox 360 app that allows you to order a pizza when your gaming now they want to let you order when your watching Hulu.

Hulu recently posted on their blog that advertisers will be able to target “the right demographics, at the right time all while allowing viewers to immediately pick up where they left off once their order is placed.”

Doug Terfehr Pizza Hut spockes person said “The goal is just to be where consumers are and make it as convenient as possible,”. Apparently being on the Xbox was a great move for them as it brought in more than $1 million dollars in sales over 4 months.

Well the battle rages over ads in paid services like Hulu the idea of more engaging ads is a move in the right direction. The program is starting on their website I would expect to see this on their TV apps soon. It will be interesting to see if they try to target people based off of their watching habits. Maybe after your 3rd episode in a row of a show you will start getting these ads. You also have to wonder if they will target these around meal times based off of location.

Pizza Hut is currently the only advertiser using this program but we expect to hear from others soon.