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Sorry, the Coffee Mugs Won’t Go on Sale This Week

If you have watched any of our weekly Cord Cutting Q&As, you may have noticed that I often drink out of a Cord Cutters News mug. Many readers have asked if they could buy a Cord Cutters News coffee mug and you will soon be able to!

I ordered 50 Cord Cutters News mugs as a limited edition run. Sadly, the quality of the mugs fell well short of what we would be willing to put our name on.

The logos are in the wrong spot: some are not square and bend up on one side. Other mugs have gray or red spots on them.

We had promised to put the mugs up for sale today, so we feel it is important to let you know we are still working on getting them for sale. It may take some time because the company said it will take up to five business days to review our complaint and it can take several weeks to get a new order out to us after the complaint is reviewed.

Hang in there. One way or another we will have the mugs on sale.

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