SpaceX Will Raise Starlink’s Monthly Price by 11%

SpaceX is increasing the price of its Starlink internet service. An email to customers says that the cost of both the Starlink kit and monthly internet service will be going up to keep up with inflation.

When Starlink opened preorders to the public last February, the Starlink Starter Kit required a deposit of $100 which was put toward the total price of the kit at $499. The kit includes everything you need to get set up, including your Starlink, Wi-Fi router, power supply, cables, and mounting tripod. Internet service was priced at $99/month.

The Verge reviewed the email to customers which says that now, the Starlink Starter Kit will cost $599 and the monthly internet cost will be going up to $110. “The new monthly prices will come into effect at different times for different customers,” The Verge reports. While the company wrote that inflation was the “sole purpose” of the price hike, Starlink also noted its achievements and improvements since its launch.

“Since launching our public beta service in October 2020, the Starlink team has tripled the number of satellites in orbit, quadrupled the number of ground stations and made continuous improvements to our network,” Starlink’s email says. “Going forward, users can expect Starlink to maintain its cadence of continuous network improvements as well as new feature additions.” 

Starlink is SpaceX’s program designed to bring broadband internet to underserved areas, with a system of low orbit satellites. The company has launched over 2,000 satellites so far and saw its median download rate hit 104.97Mbps for U.S. users, according to a study from Ookla. Starlink recently reported that it now has a total of 250,000 subscribers worldwide.