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Updated: Spectrum Shuts Down The Website for Their A La Carte TV Services

Depressed mature man holding paper and looking at it while sitting on the couch at homeA few weeks ago Cord Cutters News broke the news that Spectrum was testing out an A La Carte TV service called Spectrum Choice. Now it looks like that service is at least for now no longer being offered.

Spectrum never did make a big announcement but in February 2018 they started to mass mail and internet-only subscribers about the service. Spectrum Choice had offered your locals including PBS and 25 music channels. From there you can pick 10 additional channels from a long list of channels including AMC, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, ESPN, FOX News, Hallmark Channel, NFL Network, The Weather Channel, and more. All for $21.99 plus a $3 broadcast TV fee.

Update: Spectrum now has a new website for the service. It can be found here: For some unknown reason Spectrum created a new website and shut down the old one.

Update #2: With the new site you can no longer see the details of the deal unless you log in with your Spectrum account.

Here is what the website looked like before they took it down:

Now when you go to the site it looks like this:

Why this happened we are not sure. This could have been a limited time test or Spectrum decided the offer was not meeting expectations.

We found very little about the service online. As best we can tell it first popped up in the forums of in a post from a reader. Though a lot seems to have changed since that forum post was made as it is now cheaper and available as a streaming-only option. We did find the official website for Spectrum TV Choice thanks to a tip from a reader.

Sadly, for now, the deal seems to be dead online but you may be able to get it if you call the in and ask.

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