Spectrum TV is Raising the Fees on their New Streaming Service

For some time now, Spectrum TVTM has been slowly pushing their new streaming service, Spectrum TV Choice, as an option for cord cutters. One of the drawbacks for customers is that Spectrum still includes the hated broadcast TV fee.

Recently, Spectrum has been contacting subscribers of their Spectrum TVTM Choice streaming service to inform them that their broadcast TV fee is going up from $3 a month to $5 a month. When explaining the price hike Spectrum says “this reflects costs incurred from local broadcast TV stations.”

Spectrum’s streaming service is, as best we can tell, the only streaming service that includes a broadcast TV fee. This price hike on the streaming service is also the same as it is on their Cable TV customers.

The good news is that Spectrum’s TVTM Choice streaming service still costs less than $28 a month. It comes with local channels, some music channels, and any 10 channels you pick from a list of available channels. While DVR is not supported without paying for a DVR box, or a cable card, you do get access to on-demand content.

You will need Spectrum home internet services to be eligible for Spectrum’s new streaming service.

Do you use Spectrum TV Choice? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think of it.

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