Spectrum Will Raise Broadcast TV Fees As Early As Next Month

Spectrum is planning a rate increase for cable TV customers, increasing broadcast TV fees to $16.45/month.

Stop the Cap first reported on a rumored increased, based on information from Spextrum employees. The increase has now been confirmed and could go into effect as soon as next month. 

The change will cause Spectrum’s broadcast TV fee to increase by $2.95/month. Those with Spectrum’s stream TV packages will also see the $2.95/month charge, taking the surcharge on those packages up to $8.95/month

Here’s how Spectrum describes the surcharge: 

As a direct result of local broadcast or “network-affiliated” TV stations in recent years dramatically increasing the rates to Charter Communications to distribute their signals to our customers, we’re forced to pass those charges on as a “Broadcast TV Surcharge.” These local TV signals were historically made available to us at no cost or low cost. However, in recent years the prices demanded by local broadcast TV stations have necessitated that we pass these costs on to customers.

By making this cost a separate charge on monthly bills, Spectrum and other cable companies are able to promote cable TV packages as having a lower monthly cost. As Stop the Cap points out, it also allows the companies to increase bills for those who are locked into a plan with promotional pricing.

Spectrum will also reportedly be raising the prices of cable packages, with Spectrum’s most popular plan increasing by $1.50/month to $73.99/month. 

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