Spectrum’s Latest Price Hike Will Go Into Effect August 5

Earlier this month, we reported that Spectrum was planning an upcoming rate increase, bringing its broadcast TV fees to $16.45/month, up from $13.50/month. That change is set to go into effect on August 5.

Those with Spectrum’s stream TV packages will also see the $2.95/month charge, taking the surcharge on those packages up to $8.95/month. And, Spectrum will be raising the price of its cable packages, with its most popular plan going up by $1.50 to $73.99/month.

Spectrum saw three price hikes in 2019, with increases affecting broadcast fees, internet plans, and TV packages, and costs have only gone up since. With the upcoming price increase, customers will now be paying $197.40 per year just for broadcast TV fees.

In May, Charter faced a class action lawsuit related to the fees. In the claim, customers call the fee increases a “bait and switch” scheme which leads customers to pay much more on their monthly bill than the company advertises. The customers claim that when they called Spectrum to ask about the fees, they were told the fees were a “tax” that the company had no control over. On another call, a customer claims Charter explained that the fees were put in place by the government.

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