Spotify Kids Introduces Parent Playlist Sharing Feature

Spotify is rolling out a new playlist sharing feature compatible with the Spotify Kids app. The latest feature lets parents on the Premium Family Plan share designated playlists with their children accessible via the Spotify Kids app.

Now parents can create playlists they want to share with their kids, or comb through their existing playlists to make sure all tracks are kid-friendly before sharing their music with young ears. Parents can choose which playlists they want to share within the PIN-protected settings of the Kids App. Adding or removing a song on a shared playlist will automatically sync to the Kids App, and Spotify will ask you if you’re still want to share it each time it’s updated, just in case you forget your child has access to the new content you’re adding.

In the words of Spotify, the company is adding the feature to help users “reclaim their own Spotify libraries and all the personalization they love.”

Spotify Kids launched in the US earlier in spring 2020. It’s separate from the main music streaming app, allowing kids to have their own safe space full of music they enjoy. Plus, parents don’t have to have their account preferences influenced by what their child is listening to, and vice versa. The service is meant for kids under 12 and, like the original family subscription, has no ads or interruptions. And the new pink and yellow app design looks different from the original black and green, so it’s easy to tell them apart.

The app has been designed to let children explore audio on their own or with their family since all the content is kid-friendly. Parents are able to decide what their child hears and switch between tracks and playlists for younger or older kids.

This new playlist sharing feature is a way to connect the two apps with playlists you choose so you and your child can enjoy some of the same content available on Spotify.