Stream These Titles Free on MagellanTV in Honor of Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up just around the corner (April 22), and this whole month is a chance to celebrate our planet. If you’re looking for documentaries to stream this month, MagellanTV has curated an Essential Earth Day Playlist, featuring 18 informative documentaries and docuseries that highlight both the beauty and fragility of Earth and its ecosystems.

In addition, the service is making two docuseries are free to stream right now, even for those without a Magellan TV subscription. Viewers can stream Eco-Eye with Duncan Stuart and Taming Wind for free all month long on the platform.


  • Eco-Eye with Duncan Stuart (FREE 4/1 – 4/30) – In this hard-hitting docuseries, Irish architect, environmentalist and media personality Duncan Stuart is joined by ecologist Anja Murray and award-winning science communicator Dr. Lara Dungan to investigate Ireland’s biggest environmental issues and their impact on public health, the economy and quality of life. 
  • Taming Wind  (FREE 4/1 – 4/30) – This two-part special documents the methods that nature’s heartiest plants, insects and birds employ to adapt to wind, serving as inspiration for researchers attempting to harness the invisible resource and transform it into an infinite source of energy. 


  • Trashopolis 
  • Plastic: The Real Sea Monster 
  • Unnatural Selection 4K 
  • Earth in 1000 Years 
  • Earth’s Survival: Decoding the Science 
  • The Carbon Conundrum
  • Peregrine Falcon: Lord of the Skies 4K
  • Climate Challenge 
  • Unbreathable: Cities on the Verge of Asphyxiation 
  • Planet Rethink 
  • Waking the Green Tiger: A Green Movement Rises 
  • Planet E: Fixing Earth From Your Backyard 
  • From Hell to Heaven: When the Coal Mines Close 
  • Dynamic Earth 4k 
  • A Plastic Whale
  • The Next Great Extinction Event 4K
  • Arctic Peril