Study: 3 Out of 5 Americans Think Streaming Services are a Better Value than Cable

Let’s face it, the old way of watching TV is out, and the new way is in. The new way being streaming services of course. Streaming was first introduced years ago, and there’s a reason it’s stuck around and become the primary way of consuming entertainment. A new study by Criteo reveals that half of Americans say they enjoy video streaming because it allows them to watch anytime, anywhere. This flexibility means you don’t have to plan your life around a TV schedule in order to see your favorite shows.

Another reason viewers prefer streaming over traditional TV is content quality. In fact, 3 out of 5 agree that the content on video streaming services is more entertaining and gets them a better value for their money than cable or satellite TV. That, coupled with the 69% who agree video streaming services offer better value for their money than cable TV, and it’s a clear choice.

Money has been and forever will be a driving factor in consumer choices, and streaming is no exception with 61% of Americans saying subscription cost is their top consideration for using a video streaming service, and 3 in 5 are happy to watch video streaming services with a fully or partially ad-funded subscription.

The majority of Americans keep their streaming bill under $50 a month, with 55% reporting it’s between $1-$50, and 10% using free services.

As we’ve noted before, the pandemic has played a major role in influencing viewers’ streaming habits. Two in 3 consumers say they watch more paid streaming services than they used to, and 1 in 3 watch more free services. One-third spend up to 10 hours watching paid content and up to 5 hours watching free content per week.