Study: Disney+ Has the Highest Percentage of Exclusive Content

If the key to having a successful streaming service means exclusive content, Disney+ is taking a win. According to data from Reelgood, Disney+ is the top streaming service in the study with the least amount of overlap with other platforms when it comes to sharing movies in its library.

Reading the graph below from left to right, 2% of Netflix movies are also available on Prime Video, 1% are also on Hulu, 0% are on Disney+, 1% on HBO Max, and so on. According to the graph, Disney+ and Showtime have the most exclusive content with the least overlap with any other services.

In contrast, Hulu is one of the services with the highest percentages of content overlap. In fact, 15% of movies on Hulu are also on Paramount+, and 9% are on Prime Video. Another big percentage comes with Parmount+ and Prime Video with 12% overlap.

As for TV Shows, the highest single overlap comes between Peacock and Hulu, with 21% of Peacock’s shows also available on Hulu. Disney+ remains a leader in the lowest amount of crossover in the TV show category as well, with just 7% of its library available on Hulu, and 1% on Netflix, with zero overlap between the other services.