Study: Paramount+ and Hulu Have More Hours of Kids Entertainment Than Disney+

While Disney+ may pop into everyone’s mind as the go-to streaming service for kids content, they actually have one of the lowest amounts of kid-friendly entertainment in terms of hours. New data from JustWatch shows that it’s actually Paramount+ that leads the pack of streamers with the most content to keep the kids occupied.

Paramount+ has 236,233 hours of kid-friendly content, rated G or TV-Y7, followed by Hulu with 228,758 hours. Next up is Prime Video in third place, followed by Netflix and HBO Max.

Of all these streaming services measured, Disney+ actually has the fewest number of hours of kid’s content with just 111,309 hours. (That still buys parents a lot of time to get things done while the kiddos are entertained).

So the next time the little ones in your house need some TV time, you might want to pass up heading straight to Frozen for the 1 millionth time and test out what some of these other streaming services have to offer.