Survey: Amazon Prime Video is the Most Popular Streaming Service Across all Generations

We live in a time when there’s a subscription available for nearly every service imaginable. From streaming to food delivery, to health and wellness items delivered to your door, subscriptions are now a big part of life for every generation. However, new data shows video streaming subscriptions are still the most popular overall.

In a recent survey by among 1,030 respondents, ranging from baby boomers to Gen Zers, 96% of people subscribe to a video streaming service, followed by the next most common subscription which was music at 80%. Food was deemed the third most essential subscription type at 57%.

Notably, Gen Zers were 4.2% more likely to have a video subscription than other generations and had the most subscriptions overall.

So what streaming services are each generation watching?

Overall, Amazon Prime Video was the most popular streaming service across all generations with 72% of respondents saying they subscribe to it. The percentage among each age group was very close, with Millennials being the highest at 76%. It may be important to note that Prime Video is included with an Amazon Prime subscription, so that definitely plays into why Prime Video is so widespread. Whether or not these consumers are actually watching the service is not disclosed, merely that they have access to it which could be just by default of having their Prime membership.

So the next popular service in line may be a more accurate representation of what viewers are actually choosing to watch, and that would be none other than the OG, Netflix. Overall, 62% of respondents subscribe to Netflix, and again, Millennials hold the highest percentage at 72%. Disney+ is next in line with 43% overall, followed by Hulu, and HBO Max at 34% and 24% respectively.

More Millennials subscribe to each of the most popular streaming services overall, with the exception of Disney+. It turns out, 53% of Gen Zers subscribe to Disney+, more than any of the other generations.