Survey: The Average Viewer Age 18-30 Uses 11 Video Streaming Services

As new streaming platforms pop onto the scene, viewers are consistently signing up for more video services. A recent survey by TiVo reports the average viewer in North America now uses 8.7 video streaming services as of Q2 2021, up from 6.9 in the fourth quarter of last year (a 26 percent increase).

Of those respondents, the younger generation has even more subscriptions to keep track of. Respondents in the 18-30 age range use a whopping 11.26 video services, while the number falls to five for respondents age 51 and up.

With so many services available, there’s bound to be a pretty high churn rate among viewers. According to the survey, more than half of respondents say they reevaluate and adjust their entertainment spending habits about twice a year. And when it comes to choosing which video services get the ax, it usually comes down to cost as the deciding factor.

Another interesting finding from the survey shows that viewers are adopting Smart TVs more than ever. In fact, 71 percent of survey respondents own a smart TV, which is up 11 percent from Q4 2020.