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T-Mobile is Giving Away FREE Netflix

As competition grows in the world of unlimited mobile data T-Mobile is fighting back against Verizon and AT&T by including free Netflix as part of their unlimited plans.

“We’re all about solving customer pain points, and we won’t stop. In our latest Un-carrier move, America’s Best Unlimited Network is leapfrogging the competition, giving you Netflix On Us for your family.” T-Mobile said in a statement on their YouTube Video.

According to T-Mobile if you qualify for free Netflix all you need to do is link your Netflix account to T-Mobile.

Legal Details:

Now customers can binge all their favorite shows at no extra cost when they sign up for 2+ lines of T-Mobile ONE™.

Offer subject to change. Receive Netflix Standard 2-screen (up to $9.99/mo. value) while you maintain 2+ qual’g T-Mobile ONE lines in good standing. Netflix account & compatible device required. Value may be applied to different Netflix streaming plans. Not redeemable or refundable for cash; cannot be exchanged for Netflix gift subscriptions. Cancel Netflix anytime. Netflix Terms of Use apply: 1 offer per T-Mobile account; may take 1-2 bill cycles. Like all plans, features may change or be discontinued at any time; see T-Mobile Terms and Conditions at for details.

You can watch the full announcement here:

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  • Vegas Steve

    T mobile must be better in other areas than mine. It’s the worst carrier in terms of connectivity here.

    • icwhatudidthere

      Yeah, it’s very variable but for me, it’s gotten incredibly good in a span of 2 years. I went from having GPRS support (1G, think 56k modem) in my office to having 20mbps LTE where even Verizon can only deliver 5mbps.

      • Exactly. If you haven’t checked in a while, it might be worth checking it out again.

        • Vegas Steve

          How exactly do you check? The maps any of these carriers provide are a horrible indicator. I should get great service, top of the line, will ALL carriers, yet some are just bad.

          • Try OpenSignal. It’s crowd-reported, so the carriers have no influence (and occasionally get mad at it).

          • Vegas Steve

            Thanks for the info, I’ll give that a shot.

    • Daniel Darnell

      T-Mobile is a lot better these days, in most network surveys anymore they tie and sometimes even beat Verizon!

      • Vegas Steve

        I tried them about a year ago. Still sucks here.

        • Daniel Darnell

          Assuming you live in Vegas, T-Mobile is actually excellent in that area but a lot can change in a year as well. T-Mobile a few years ago was awful in my area and it’s pretty good now. Still can’t match Verizon or Sprint in my area though those two works the best around here. T-Mobile though is pretty good and gotten a ton better than it use to be.

          • Vegas Steve

            On the North side of Vegas. Might be ‘better’ than it was (couldn’t be much worse). I agree though on Sprint, it gives me the best signal throughout the valley. I know someone in Henderson the must use AT&T because it’s the only reliable signal at his house. I.e., those carrier coverage maps are crap.

  • BigO

    We switched to T-Mobile three years ago, and it has been a good experience. But, we will not be switching to the plan necessary to receive free Netflix as the savings (Netflix subscription) is less than what the switching of plans would be.

  • This is great! we already pay for this plan so it works out nicely. We switched when there was a good promotion that included HD for free and it has been worth it for us.