T-Mobile Launches Its Home Internet Service Nationwide

T-Mobile announced today that it has launched its 5G home internet service nationwide. In a press release, the company said that 30 million homes are now eligible for the service.

T-Mobile’s internet service includes average speeds of 100 Mbps, has no data caps, skips equipment rentals, and is available for $60/month with no contracts.

The company shared plans for its home internet service in 2019, promoting the service for $50/month with no data caps. At that time, the pilot program was accessible by invitation only, but expanded to more cities and opened up to more households over time. By March 2021, the pilot program included 100,000 households. Now, by becoming available to over 30 million households, T-Mobile will be one of the largest broadband providers in the country, according to the press release sent out today.

“Since the beginning of the digital age, connectivity for rural America has been an afterthought,” said T-Mobile Senior Vice President Edwige Robinson. “One of our most important goals is to ensure that small town America is not left behind during the transition to 5G. This is why 5G for All will span across the country — small towns as well as big cities, rural communities as well as the suburbs.”

As part of the rollout, T-Mobile has guaranteed that nearly 10 million of those 30 million eligible households are located in rural America, where residents often have only one internet provider.

You can check to see if T-Mobile Home Internet is available in your area by entering your phone number and home address here.