T-Mobile Plans to Offer “Affordable In-Home High-Speed Broadband” to Millions of Americans

For years the last thing holding many Americans to their cable TV company has been high-speed internet. Now with 5G T-Mobile is promising to break millions of Americans free from the high cost of cable internet.

“We will bring new competition to Big Cable in two ways,” he argues. One is the speed and capacity to offer “an affordable in-home high-speed broadband service to millions of American households—”consumers hate their cable and wireline broadband choices,” he says, sounding like the maverick he promises the newer, bigger, company will remain. The other is that with those fiber-like speeds for broadband across its mobile network, “many T-Mobile customers will be able to ‘cut the cord’ entirely and eliminate a separate broadband charge—saving hundreds of dollars a year!” T-Mobile CEO John Legere plans to tell Congress Wednesday, February 13th, 2019.

One noticeable point missing was talk about T-Mobile’s TV streaming plans. There have been reports that T-Mobile is looking at walking away from offering a live TV streaming service and will focus on an Amazon Channels type services instead.

The good news here for most cord cutters is that T-Mobile is still dedicated to offering”affordable in-home high-speed broadband service to millions of American households.” Verizon is already doing this by offering 300+ Mbps down 5G internet starting at $50 a month with no data cap if you are a Verizon Wireless customer. Hopefully, T-Mobile can offer a similar or better plan as they roll out their 5G home internet service.

Source: B&C

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