T-Mobile Shuts Down TVision, Partners with YouTube TV and Philo

Today, T-Mobile announced that its streaming service TVision will shut down at the end of April. Instead, customers will be able to subscribe to YouTube TV and Philo to take the place of TVision Live and Vibe, with exclusive discounts for T-Mobile customers.

TVision launched just five months ago in October 2020 with TVision Vibe at $10/month and TVision Live starting at $40/month, along with the TVision HUB streaming device at $50. The company quickly found itself in hot water when networks made public comments about having issues with T-Mobile’s strategy in dividing channels between the more expensive and less expensive plans. To address those concerns, T-Mobile made all of the channels available under the TVision Live plan, calling it a limited time holiday deal.

Customers will still be able to use the TVision HUB device which runs on the Android TV platform, and T-Mobile promises more exclusive discounts are on the way.

“This is a big upgrade. YouTube TV offers more than twice as many channels as TVision Live, and Philo offers nearly twice as many channels as TVision VIBE,” T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert wrote in a blog post Monday.

With the new partnerships, T-Mobile TVision Live and Vibe customers can get $10 off YouTube TV and/or Philo every month. Those customers can also get a free month of both YouTube TV and Philo to start. All T-Mobile and Sprint customers are eligible for TVision and the discounts starting on April 6.

“We’re so thrilled to partner with T-Mobile. Both companies are united by a similar mission —we’re committed to always putting our customers first. This partnership with T-Mobile takes Philo’s amazing value to another level. With T-Mobile’s leading 5G network and expansive customer base, this partnership will provide a massive boost to our shared vision of reinventing television by creating an experience people love as much as the shows they watch.”