T-Mobile Will Continue ‘Netflix On Us’ After Netflix Price Hike

Last week, Netflix notified customers that all of its streaming plans were getting a price increase. T-Mobile followed the news with an announcement of its own, letting customers know the company’s “Netflix On Us” promotion will continue.

“Rest assured, your Netflix is still on us! The Netflix benefit included in your plan remains on us,” the company wrote on its website.

T-Mobile Magenta plans with 2+ lines and Magenta MAX plans with a single line include a Netflix Basic subscription. Magenta MAX plans with 2+ lines, Magenta Plus, and ONE Plus plans with 2+ lines include a Netflix Standard subscription. Customers have the option to upgrade their Netflix plan and pay the difference between the two plans.

“If you’ve upgraded your Netflix on Us (e.g. to Standard or Premium), you will see Netflix’s price change reflected on your T-Mobile bill starting as their changes go into effect. If you’d like to change your T-Mobile plan to start getting Netflix on Us, you can do that in My T-Mobile,” the company notes.

With the price hike, the Netflix Standard plan will now be $15.50 per month, up from $14. The 4K plan will be $20 per month, up from $18. The Basic plan will be $10 per month, up from $9. Subscribers in Canada will also see a price hike.

In addition to the long-running Netflix On Us deal, T-Mobile customers can also get Paramount+ free for one year and Apple TV+ free for one year for a limited time.