T-Mobile Will Offer Free Home Internet to 10 Million Households & $15 a Month Wireless Phone Plans

Back in March 2019, T-Mobile announced that they have started to test home internet services using LTE. At the time, this program offered LTE home internet to 50,000 households to begin testing out T-Mobile’s hardware ahead of their 5G home internet services launching December 6th. Now T-Mobile is promising to expand this home internet service to low-income families in need after they merge with Sprint.

Today T-Mobile announced that after they merge with Sprint they will offer free home internet to 10 million low-income households to connect children who do not have home internet. This would offer free home internet to one-third of households with children in the United States. This service will offer 100 GB of data per year, and a free tablet or laptop. Once you are accepted into the program T-Mobile will give the family free internet for 5 years.

This is part of three new initiatives New T-Mobile announced today outlined below according to a press release:

  • Connecting Heroes Initiative, a 10-year commitment to provide FREE 5G access — unlimited talk, text and smartphone data –to EVERY public and non-profit U.S. state and local police, fire and EMS agency across the entire U.S.
  • Project 10Million, an unprecedented new program designed to eradicate the homework gap that exists for millions of children by offering FREE service and hotspots and reduced cost devices to 10 million households around the U.S. over five years
  • T-Mobile Connect, a groundbreaking prepaid service offering that will bring a new competitive $15 per month prepaid option– half the price of the lowest T-Mobile plan today – to EVERYONE, especially lower-income consumers

According to the press release, the T-mobile 5G internet will have four times more network capacity than standalone T-Mobile, faster speeds offering more than 100 Mbps to average speeds to 90% of the U.S> population and more than 50 Mbps average speed in 6 years. This will provide coverage to 85% of rural U.S. with 5G in 3 years, and 90% in 6 years.

T-Mobile is also going to offer a $15 a month phone plan called T-Mobile connect. This plan will offer unlimited text and phone calls. You will also get 2GB of data that will be increased by 500MB every month for 5 years.

This could be an excellent option for Americans living in rural areas with limited internet options.

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