Tablo Improves Its Commercial Skip Feature

TabloLast year, Tablo introduced the automatic commercial skip feature. When enabled, content is processed and saved on the device in a format that automatically skips over ads. According to Tablo, the automatic commercial skip feature has saved each customer from watching over 6000 ads, saving over 300 hours of time.

Now, Tablo has updated the Automatic Commercial Skip servers for increased detection accuracy and to allow even more content to be viewed without ads, including local and national news.

Changes with the New Update

  • Detection of ‘end of program’ content – content will be reviewed to be sure that previews for the next episodes aren’t mistaken for ads.
  • Detection on recordings with mild broadcast errors – this update will account for OTA TV reception problems.
  • Detection of ‘sandwiched’ content – preserving short pieces of content sandwiched between two ads.
  • Customized detection for popular programs – extra attention to popular programming, including Jeopardy and daytime TV.
  • Unique program/commercial formats – cutting down on the amount of content ineligible for commercial skipping caused by unusual ad formats.

Commercial Skipping with News

Previously, Tablo noted that commercial skipping was especially difficult with news programming due to the constant cuts from one person or location to the next. With the update, more focus has been given to enabling ad skipping for local and national news, including shows like 20/20 and 60 Minutes. Tablo says more work will be done to help viewers stay connected with news programming, without sitting through commercials, by continuing to focus on fine tuning the feature with a focus on news.

How to Get the Update

Those who are using Tablo’s Premium Service will automatically get the update.

Those who aren’t currently subscribed to the premium service can purchase the add-on within the Tablo account portal and enable the feature within the settings of a supported Tablo app.

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