Tablo vs. Recast: Which is the Right DVR for You?

Man on couch watching TVUsing an antenna to pick up local channels is a great way to watch TV with the high cost of cable and while saving money on streaming. With an OTA DVR, you can make TV shows and movies from those channels available anytime.

Today, we’re comparing two DVR options: the 4 tuner options of the Tablo Quad and the Amazon Fire Recast.

 Tablo QuadAmazon Fire Recast
StorageExternal Storage Required1 TB
Stream to MobileYesYes
Output Resolution1080i HDUp to 1440x720p
Concurrent RecordingsUp to 4Up to 4
Concurrent ViewingUp to 4Up to 2

Tablo Quad

With the Tablo Quad, you can discover, watch, pause, rewind, record, and stream live OTA HDTV to watch your favorite shows and movies any time. One standout feature of the Tablo Quad is its ability to automatically skip commercials.

A Tablo OTA DVR comes with the DVR device, a power adapter, an ethernet cable, and a Quick Start Guide. Every Tablo OTA DVR (there is also a 2 tuner version available) includes a 30 day free trial for the Tablo Guide Data subscription, giving you a month long look at the premium features Tablo has to offer. The subscription is completely optional for Tablo users. Tablo DVRs work with many great devices like Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, and more.

Tablo is a network-connected DVR that allows users to stream or record up to four OTA channels. You’ll have the choice to use either ethernet or wifi to connect your antenna to your network, making it easier to place the Tablo and antenna wherever they fit best in your home.

Fire TV Recast

While Amazon says that the Fire TV Recast works best with a Fire TV or Echo Show, you can also use the DVR with a compatible mobile device.

One major benefit of the Fire TV Recast is that the device easily pairs with a Fire TV or Echo device which allows users to use voice commands with Alexa to look for content, change the channel, schedule recordings, and more.

With the Fire TV Recast, you can record up to four shows at once. Plus, store up to 150 hours of HD programming with the 4 tuner version (there is also a 2 tuner version available). There is no monthly fee to use the Fire TV Recast. Note that only one Recast can be registered per Amazon account.

Do you use a DVR to record OTA TV? Let us know which device you prefer in the comments.

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