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T-Mobile Is Testing 500 Mbps in New York City

T-Mobile has recently been investing into the speed of their networks. Now they are using a new system called Licensed Assisted Access (LAA) in New York City. According to the Ookla’s Milan Milanovic, these new tests are bringing T-Mobile users 500 Mbps down. This is not 5G that T-Mobile says they plan to launch later […]

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5G Wireless Internet May Become a National Priority

Yesterday Axios reported that the Trump administration was looking into building a nationwide 5G internet network. This 5G network would be built as part of a national security effort to create a secure network for everything from self-driving cars to AI services. The goal according to the documents is to have the network built in […]

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Charter is Testing 5G Home Internet in 6 Cities

For some time now we have known that Charter has been working on 5G home internet. Now they have announced six cities that Charter will test out 5G home internet. 5G home Internet promises to bring fiber Internet speeds without the cost of running fiber to each house. With 5G you will be able to get […]

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