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Explaining How DIRECTV NOW’s Unlimited Data Works

One of the primary selling points for DIRECTV NOW was the ability to have unlimited streaming of DIRECTV NOW if you have AT&T wireless. Yet several Cord Cutters News readers have been contacting us complaining of seeing their data cap quickly eaten up by DIRECTV NOW. Some are complaining that DIRECTV NOW was using as […]

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Over 200,000 Americans Have Signed Up For DIRECTV NOW

AT&T had a good start to DIRECTV NOW at least in the number of signups. According to a SEC document filled today and sported by Variety AT&T added more than 200,000 video subscribers in the fourth quarter — which was “entirely driven” by its new DRECTV NOW internet-delivered pay-TV service, AT&T said Friday. “While it’s early days, our recent […]

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Most Cord Cutters Think DIRECTV NOW is Overpriced

DIRECTV NOW was released over a week ago, and there has been debate over how successful it has been. Officially AT&T says it is very happy with the early signups, but reports are leaking out that the forecasted subscriber numbers are low. So Cord Cutters News asked over 500 cord cutters what they thought of the […]

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DirecTV Now Responds to The FCC’s Concerns

Two weeks ago the FCC fired off a letter that AT&T’s plan to offer free data service to mobile customers who use DirecTV Now “appears to present significant anti-competitive effects.” In that letter they asked AT&T to reply to their concerns, and now AT&T has. AT&T SVP Bob Quinn says in a letter to the […]

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DirecTV Now is Expected to Be Released This Week

Update: No official word yet on DirecTV Now but the DirecTV.com website just added this DirecTV Now ad to the bottom of their page. “Not able to get DIRECTV? Sign up to DIRECTV NOW and stream TV live & on demand. No equipment. No annual contract. No hassle.” For some time now Cord Cutters News has […]

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Here is Everything We Know About DirecTV Now

Later this week we expect DirecTV Now to be released according to leaks from AT&T; however, we still know little about the service. Hopefully we will quickly learn more, but for now here is everything we know. Price & Packages We do know there will be multiple packages but have no other package details. As […]

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DIRECTV NOW Will Have a Free Trial

AT&T’s new live TV streaming service DIRECTV NOW is expected to be released next week; however, for a short time this week they accidentally released their website early. One of the things we learned was that DIRECTV NOW will offer a free 7-day trial. This will allow cord cutters who are considering the service to try it […]

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