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AT&T is Fighting Back Against the DOJ Lawsuit

Well, it looks like AT&T is not going to take the DOJ lawsuit to block their purchase of Time Warner laying down. (The TV company, not the cable company.) Now AT&T is making it clear they are willing to offer concessions but are not willing to sell assets. Today during a speech at The Economic […]

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AT&T Issues a Statement on The DOJ Lawsuit to Blocking Their Acquisition of Time Warner

Yesterday it was reported was later disputed but never completely disproven. Now Reuters has reported that the Justice Department plans to sue AT&T to prevent it from buying Time Warner. According to the Justice Department, the sale could be a “major antitrust matter.” Now AT&T has replied to the DOJ lawsuit with an official statement: “Today’s […]

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DIRECTV NOW Reduces the Discount for AT&T Unlimited Customers

Recently AT&T quietly cut the DIRECTV NOW discount they give AT&T Unlimited subscribers. Previously if you had AT&T Unlimited you would get $25 off any DIRECTV NOW package you select. Now AT&T Unlimited customers will get $15 a month discount off any DIRECTV NOW package. It is important to remember AT&T has always said, “Pricing […]

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DIRECTV NOW Tops 900,000 Subscribers

DIRECTV NOW’s growth is skyrocketing according to a recent report. Recently it was reported that at the start of October 2017 DIRECTV NOW had 800,000 subscribers. This week DIRECTV NOW’s Chief Financial Officer John Stephens announced DIRECTV NOW just topped 900,000 subscribers. “We had great results on DIRECTV NOW right now. We’re up to 800,000. […]

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AT&T & Verizon Are Teaming Up to Build New Cellphone Towers

Increasingly streaming is going wireless and AT&T and Verizon are teaming up to be ready for the demand. Today AT&T and Verizon announced that they have teamed up with Tillman Infrastructure to build hundreds of cell phone towers. “We continue to focus on technology innovation and investing in the latest software platforms to provide the […]

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Report: The Government Never Tried to Force a CNN Sale

Earlier this week it was reported that the Department of Justice was trying to get AT&T to sell DIRECTV or CNN as a condition for approval of their purchase of Time Warner. (The content company not the cable TV company.) Having assets sold or control limited is not an unusual request in mergers like this. […]

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