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AT&T is Giving Away HBO to DIRECTV NOW & AT&T Wireless Subscribers

Update: This deal starts tomorrow April 6th 2017. Want FREE HBO for life? Well AT&T has you covered if you are a DIRECTV NOW or AT&T Wireless Unlimited Plus subscribers. “Our customers want wireless entertainment on their terms, and we’re going to deliver,” said David Christopher, chief marketing officer, AT&T Entertainment Group. “We are now […]

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AT&T Is Aggressively Expanding Its Fiber Network

Broadband Internet is quickly becoming a market to watch. After years of stagnation, we are finally seeing new options and services. With new fiber providers rolling out and 5G on the horizon, things are heating up for older competitors. Now it seems that AT&T is investing in its infrastructure to head off new competition. Part […]

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AT&T Talks About DIRECTV NOW’s Early Issues

DIRECTV NOW launched back in November of 2016. It immediately was hit by glitches and unhappy customers. Slowly over the last few months AT&T the parent company behind DIRECTV NOW has slowly improved the service. Now Tony Goncalves a executive at AT&T gives us a look at exactly what happened that caused the issues. “What happened […]

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DIRECTV NOW is Saving AT&T’s TV Business

You may have recently heard that AT&T has for the first time in a long time added subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2016; however, the truth is all of the subscriber growth AT&T’s TV business saw was from DIRECTV NOW. Even with U-Verse and the traditional satellite DIRECTV service AT&T would have lost subscribers […]

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