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Comcast Promises to Be Good After Net Neutrality Repeal

Tomorrow the FCC will vote on repealing Net Neutrality. Today Comcast wanted to make it clear that they won’t abuse their powers as an ISP in a blog post by David L. Cohen Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer. In the blog post Comcast promised the following points: Will Comcast broadband customers still be […]

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Comcast Just Dropped Their Bid to Buy Part of FOX

With all the talk about Disney buying FOX you may have missed that Comcast was also trying to buy part of FOX. Now Comcast is walking away from that deal according to a statement from Comcast Corp on Monday. This will leave the Walt Disney Co as the sole buyer for what is reported to […]

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Comcast Is Raising Their Prices on Almost Everything

Are you ready to pay more? As a new year draws to a close cable TV is back to their old ways of raising prices. Recently Comcast has quietly started to announce new pricing for almost everything. Thanks to a few readers who sent us their price increase notices we now have a break down of […]

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