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AT&T is Considering a Second DIRECTV NOW Price Hike

Earlier this week, we posted a response to the Wall Street Journal article Cord-Cutters Beware: Streaming TV Prices Are Marching Higher. In that article, the WSJ talked with AT&T Chief Executive Randall Stephenson about the future of the company’s cord cutting services. Stephenson specifically mentioned both DirecTV Now and WatchTV. DirecTV Now is the more robust service, […]

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What Is the Most Popular Live TV Streaming Service? Sling TV? DIRECTV NOW? PlayStation Vue? Hulu? We Answer Your Questions

Ever since Sling TV and PlayStation Vue went head to head, the question has been what is the most popular streaming service? Now that question has grown in importance as the number of live TV streaming services has increased. Last week, Cord Cutters News asked over 2,000 of our readers what live TV streaming services […]

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Cord Cutting This Week #41 – Can You Save Money With Cord Cutting? DIRECTV NOW’s Streaming Player, Net Neutrality, & More

Join Cord Cutters News every Saturday as we take a look back at some of the biggest Cord Cutting Stories from the past week. Now, remember these are my opinions on them not an in-depth look at each story. If you would like to learn more about each story check out the links below. Today we […]

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DIRECTV NOW’s Unlimited Data Deal May Be Coming to An End After New Net Neutrality Law

Since AT&T launched DIRECTV NOW they have offered unlimited streaming on AT&T Wireless. If you had AT&T Wireless you could stream DIRECTV NOW all you want, but streaming Sling TV and Hulu would count against your data cap. Now a new net neutrality bill just passed in California that would ban the practice of offering […]

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PlayStation Vue vs YouTube TV vs DIRECTV NOW vs Sling TV vs Philo vs FuboTV vs Watch TV vs Hulu – Updated September 2018

We often get asked what is the best live TV streaming service with 8 very popular live TV services it is harder than ever to pick the right one. The truth is there are no best services out there. Each person has different wants and needs. So we want to give you all the information […]

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