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Latin woman looking disappointed at her laptopscreen, sitting behind her desk at the office.

New High Speed Internet Options Are Coming to Rural America

While 1 Gbps speeds have been rolling out across major US marketplaces, many rural Americans have struggled to find high-speed Internet. In the past companies had a difficult time justifying running miles of fiber to connect a handful of homes when running a mile of cable in a major city connects hundreds of paying customers. […]

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How to Save Money on Your Internet Bill

I get asked all the time how you can lower your Internet bill. I have a few tricks that I find help us save money on our home Internet. #1 Shop Around Shopping around is most important when you are looking at downgrading from a bundle to Internet only. Cable companies especially seem to hate […]

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How to lower Your Internet Bill

Access to the Internet is becoming an important part of every American’s life. Not just for cord cutting but everything from work to banking is done online; however, the cost of Internet can easily get out of control if you are not careful. The following are a few tips on how to lower your Internet […]

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