TCL Announces a New Line of Roku Connect Smart Speakers

Today at TCL’s CES press event, they announced a new line of Alto smart speakers. The first new Alto smart speakers is a Roku Connect-powered smart speaker.

“A complete home theater experience includes high quality audio” said Aaron Dew, director of product development, TCL. “TCL’s vast capabilities in audio combined with our vertical integration will enable us to deliver the same premium experience in the Alto family as we have with our televisions.”

The TCL Alto smart speaker will take advantage of the Roku OS to deliver a superb entertainment experience. It will offer premium sound, while taking advantage of Roku Connect to connect to other AV devices, and it will use new voice controls accessible through the Roku Entertainment Assistant.

Although the TCL Roku Smart Soundbar will be compatible with any TV, TCL says it would be even better when combined with TCL Roku TVs by extending hands-free voice and audio capabilities to the TV for more control and entertainment functionality. This will allow TCL Roku TV owners who have the Alto soundbar to access Roku’s voice assistant without the need to use a Roku remote.

“Our TCL Roku TVs are amazingly popular among consumers, making the TCL brand the third most popular smart TV in the US in 2017. We’re doubling down on our partnership with Roku to offer our customers an easy way to add premium sound and enhanced functionality to a TCL Roku TV,” said Chris Larson, senior vice president, TCL. “TCL is dedicated to integrating leading technologies into our entertainment product portfolio and by partnering with Roku we’re bringing a better home theater experience to our consumers.”

“TCL is an exceptional Roku TV partner and a natural fit to be the first partner to plan to build a smart soundbar under our new licensing program” said Roku CEO Anthony Wood. “The TCL Roku Smart Soundbar will offer a great value and make TV watching even more enjoyable by offering premium sound and more entertainment control through Roku Connect and the Roku Entertainment Assistant.”

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