TCL Confirms Roku TVs Will Be Cord Cutter Friendly…

TCL-Roku-TVSeveral major TV manufacturers have recently started to make TVs without tuners. This has left many cord cutters concerned about the future of free over-the-air TV.

A tuner is a great way to get a ton of content 100% free—not only do you get the big four networks but many cord cutters also get over 30 free stations with an antenna.

Although many have said that you could easily get a converter box or DVR that will give you access to a tuner for a TV that did not come with one, it still has placed fear in many cord cutters that the future of over-the-air TV may be coming to an end.

Thankfully, TCL, the largest manufacturer of Roku TVs, has publicly stated that they believe a tuner is an important part of a TV and plan to continue to support free over-the-air TV.

Chris Larson, TCL’s vice president of sales said, “The success of the TCL Roku TV has been driven by the availability of great content. TCL Roku TVs offer the most streaming content and allow free access to over the air content through the tuner, making it the ultimate TV for cord cutters. A tuner integrated into the TV is a great, low-cost way to access high definition content without extra devices, cords, or remotes. TCL believes that in time, all content will go to streaming, but it is an evolution, not a revolution, and that is years away. In the meantime, we want the cord cutter to have effortless access to as much content as possible, and that includes streaming, over-the-air and cable-based content.”

With so many companies looking at ways to make TVs less expensive by cutting out features, it is great to see someone saying they will continue to support cord cutters’ wishes.

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