TCL is Working On a Personal Wearable Screen

TCL shared several new products at IFA 2019, including a “wearable display concept” according to Engadget.

The headset includes two OLED displays that are placed in front of the eyes to give you the experience of being in a movie theater. While this isn’t a new concept, the design that TCL has created is much sleeker than previous products and features a hinge to close and store the headset easily.

That sleek design is achieved by having a USB-C connection that hooks up a TCL branded phone, rather than putting all of the hardware into the headset itself.

The design of the headset includes opaque displays over the eyes and semi-transparent sides to provide an immersive experience while preventing being completely cut off from the outside world. While you might be able to block out most distractions, you could cause one as well. Small speakers will project sound from your video that others around you can hear.

Another potential downside of this version of the headset is that while wearing it, you have to sit still to get the full experience. If you move too far in one direction, you’ll trigger a motion sensor that compromises the viewing experience.

TCL isn’t producing the visor just yet, saying it’s only a concept for now.

Is this a product you would try when it hits the market? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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