TCL Still Plans to Sell Roku TVs After Restructuring

Recently TCL announced a restructuring that would create TCL Electronics to focus on consumer products and TCL Corporation to focus on the “non-branded side” side of the TCL business. Quickly speculation started to fly that TCL would no longer be making Roku TVs; however, TCL has made it clear TVs are still a big part of their future.

So, what does this restructuring mean? Here is what TCL said on their site:

“There’s been news circulating today about restructuring that encompasses TCL’s TV, mobile, and home appliance businesses. Simply put, this is an effort to reorganize the company so that the branded group (TCL Electronics) can be better at doing what it does best—developing consumer-facing product—while at the same time ensuring that the group that creates components and semiconductors (TCL Corporation) can focus on the non-branded side of our business.”

TCL went on to make it even more clear that TVs will still be a big part of their future. “As we look ahead to 2019, we plan to raise the bar even higher. We plan to give our customers even more of the great value, usability, reliability, and smart TV capabilities that they’ve come to expect from TCL. We also aim to provide experiences that will put customers even closer to their entertainment.”

TCL is currently the third-largest manufacturer of TVs worldwide by sales volume. From the sounds of it, it is extremely unlikely that they plan to walk away from TVs any time soon.

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