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TCL’s New 2018 5-Series Roku TVs With 4K Dolby Vision HDR Are Now On Sale

Today TCL has put their new TCL 5-Series Roku TVs with 4K Dolby Vision HDR on sale at Best Buy. Now, these are not the higher end 6-Series TVs. According to TCL the 6-Series Roku TV will come out in May 2018.

The TCL 5-Series offer 4K UHD picture quality that also includes Dolby Vision HDR for a stellar imaging experience. The 5-Series includes TCL’s HDR Performance Package, which features HDR Dynamic Contrast™. The HDR Dynamic Contrast solution uses information embedded in Dolby Vision content to create a true cinematic experience by optimizing every scene for an accurate display of details in the bright and dark areas simultaneously, unlike other HDR solutions that have a set brightness level for all content. As with the 6-Series, the models within TCL’s 5-Series lineup introduce both iPQ Engine for precise color replication and HDR Pro Gamma to significantly improve HDR performance in any setting. The 5-Series includes high-speed 802.11ac wireless and Ethernet networking and three HDMI® 2.0a ports with HDCP 2.2 so users can enjoy optimal functionality on all inputs. TCL says the 5-Series Roku TVs will be released in spring 2018.

Note: TCL is switching from naming their TV series after letters to numbers in 2018.

“This year, TCL is really pushing the boundaries when it comes to what kind of viewing experience consumers should expect from their TVs and sound systems. We’re working smarter throughout the company and with our partners to make sure people understand that there’s a whole new level of home entertainment out there within reach,” said Chris Larson, senior vice president, TCL North America. “As we continue to innovate, we’re able to produce televisions engineered with features that maximize technologies which already exist in our sets like Dolby Vision and the Roku OS to deliver outstanding performance at an incredible value.”

“Roku TV is growing fast in popularity, and TCL is a key partner who is instrumental in its success,” said Roku CEO Anthony Wood. “We envision a broader Roku ecosystem where the TV is the center of the home entertainment experience making Roku TV even more desirable. With Roku Connect it will make it easy to add great sound to an already great TV.”

You can find the TCL Roku 5-Series TVs at Best Buy’s website HERE.

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