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The 2015 Cordies: The Best New Roku Channel of 2015

2015 saw hundreds of new channels come to Roku players—everything from great independent channels to cord-cutter friendly channels versions of NBC and ABC.

From a list of hundreds of channels we had to pick one but three stood out over all.

NBC came out with a great cord-cutter friendly Roku channel in 2015. Although you need to wait a week to watch a show for free it is a great way to watch a ton of content 100% free. The NBC channel also brings you a ton of extra content that makes it a great addition for any cord cutter.

Pluto TV was maybe the most in demand channel on the Roku. Although Roku was one of the last devices to get this great streaming service, Pluto TV brings to Roku a huge library of 100% free content from around the Web. Pluto TV is also the perfect option if you are not sure what you want to watch. Just turn on Pluto, pick a category you are in the mood for, and they will bring a ton of content to your TV.

News ON is a Roku Channel that needs more attention. News ON brings you a ton of local news channels streamed 24/7 right to your TV and allows you to keep up to date on everything happening around you for free.

The winner of the 2015 Cordy for best new Roku channel is: Pluto TV!

Pluto TV answers an important cord-cutting question: what do you watch when you are not sure what you want to watch? With 24/7 streams covering everything from MMA and breaking news to home decorating and geek culture all you have to do is pick a topic and let Pluto TV do all the work for you.

Congratulations Pluto TV for being the most original Roku channel of 2015.

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