The Cord Cutting Show Episode 32 – Sony Vue, Roku SE, Razer, Netflix, Fire TV, & More!

Episode #32 of The Cord Cutting Show is now online! AFTVnews and Cord Cutters News have teamed up to bring you a weekly podcast about cord cutting.

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Today’s Stories:

Sony brings PlayStation Vue TV Service to Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

The Roku SE vs The Roku 1 – User Experience Test

Razer says they’re not stepping away from Android Gaming or their Forge TV

Netflix Takes Aim at HBO with $5 Billion Spent on Content in 2016:

The Amazon Fire TV 2 has been Software Rooted

Sesame Street Go to Become Free in December

Comparing the differences between the new Voice and older Non-Voice Fire TV Stick

Comcast’s New Unlimited Data Fee Will Cost Cord Cutters an Extra $420 a Year

Amazon reveals their Black Friday game plan and previews upcoming deals

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