The CW Network Just Became Very Cord Cutter Friendly

CWIf you love CW and do not receive it over-the-air for free you may soon be in luck. The CW App is coming to Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Fire TV. You will also be able to access CW shows the next day even if you do not pay for cable.

Currently CW Network shows are spread across several different services, like Netflix and Hulu, making it sometimes difficult to find the show you want. This move to online streaming for the CW Network could be in response to a 13 percent decline in prime time viewership. With the CW Network being aimed at a younger audience, CBS and Time Warner are hoping an online streaming option on popular streaming devices will bring in more viewers.

For the first time a major network is putting their shows on their app the next day for free. Or, if you are willing to wait until the season is over, the full season of popular CW shows will be on Netflix eight days after the season ends on the CW network.

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