The FCC Announces $4.9 Billion to Expand Rural High-Speed Internet in 13 States

Today the FCC announced plans to expand high-speed internet to 455,334 homes in the United States. To do this the FCC will spend $4.9 billion as it helps cover the cost of the roll-out of high-speed internet.

“With this commitment to broadband on Tribal lands over the next decade, carriers get the predictable support they need to close a digital divide that, for too long, has disproportionately separated Native Americans from digital opportunity,” said FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. “And taxpayers, who fund this support through a fee on their phone bills, are getting more bang for their buck through this efficient, accountable program.”

According to the FCC, this money will come from the Universal Service Fund. The Universal Service Fund is a system of subsidies intended to promote access to phone services in underserved areas in the US. Now it is being used to promote internet services in rural America.

This is only the start of the FCC plans to push rural internet. According to the FCC, they will continue to push for the rollout of high-speed internet to more than 20 million Americans.

Part of this push will bring high-speed internet to 44,243 homes and businesses on Tribal Lands nationwide. Here are the Tribal Lands that will be getting funds from the FCC:

STATETribe / Reservation Total Locations
ArizonaFort McDowell Yavapai Nation Reservation2
ArizonaNavajo Nation Off-Reservation Trust Land 7
ArizonaNavajo Nation Reservation 1,477
ArizonaSalt River Reservation627
ArizonaTohono O’odham Nation Reservation 3,123
Arizona Totals                    5,236
MainePassamaquoddy Trust Land 47
Maine Totals                        47
MichiganL’Anse Off-Reservation Trust Land 5
MichiganL’Anse Reservation 386
Michigan Totals                      391
MinnesotaLeech Lake Reservation 2,913
MinnesotaMinnesota Chippewa Trust Land 1
MinnesotaRed Lake Reservation 1,932
MinnesotaWhite Earth Off-Reservation Trust Land 7
MinnesotaWhite Earth Reservation 745
Minnesota Totals                    5,598
MississippiMississippi Choctaw Off-Reservation Trust Land 1
MississippiMississippi Choctaw Reservation155
Mississippi Totals                      156
MontanaBlackfeet Indian Reservation 185
MontanaCrow Off-Reservation Trust Land 3
MontanaCrow Reservation 1,287
MontanaFort Peck Indian Reservation 3,247
MontanaTurtle Mountain Off-Reservation Trust Land 8
Montana Totals                    4,730
North DakotaLake Traverse Reservation 90
North DakotaSpirit Lake Reservation1,427
North DakotaTurtle Mountain Off-Reservation Trust Land722
North DakotaTurtle Mountain Reservation1,691
North Dakota Totals                    3,930
NebraskaOmaha Reservation57
Nebraska Totals                        57
OklahomaCaddo-Wichita-Delaware OTSA 2,377
OklahomaCherokee OTSA1,560
OklahomaCheyenne-Arapaho OTSA 157
OklahomaChickasaw OTSA1,550
OklahomaChoctaw OTSA2,596
OklahomaCreek OTSA1,530
OklahomaKiowa-Comanche-Apache-Fort Sill Apache OTSA789
Oklahoma Totals                  10,559
South DakotaCheyenne River Reservation 41
South DakotaCrow Creek Reservation 705
South DakotaLake Traverse Reservation 2,964
South DakotaLower Brule Reservation284
South DakotaPine Ridge Reservation 4,805
South DakotaRosebud Indian Reservation 2,812
South DakotaRosebud Off-Reservation Trust Land 467
South DakotaStanding Rock Reservation 111
South DakotaYankton Reservation 317
South Dakota Totals                  12,506
UtahGoshute Reservation 58
UtahUintah and Ouray Reservation 27
Utah Totals                        85
WisconsinHo-Chunk Nation Off-Reservation Trust Land 7
WisconsinLac Courte Oreilles Reservation 633
Wisconsin Totals                      640
WyomingWind River Reservation 308
Wyoming Totals                      308
Tribal Totals                        44,243

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