The FCC Approves $89.2 Million For Rural Broadband in 21 States

Women Using LaptopToday the FCC announced it is spending $89.2 million to bring broadband to rural Americans in 21 states. The goal is that this money will help expand broadband to 123,000 unserved rural homes and business.

“Across the nation, we’re continuing to close the digital divide so that all Americans—no matter where they live—have access to affordable broadband connectivity and the digital opportunity it brings,” said FCC Chairman Ajit Pai.  “And as this eighth round of funding demonstrates, the Connect America Fund Phase II Auction is doing so in a cost-effective way:  Because providers competed for Connect America Fund Auction support, finite universal service dollars reached many more homes and businesses at a much lower cost.”

This is part of the FCC’s plan to spend $1.488 billion with the goal of bringing high-speed internet to 700,000 homes over the next 10 years. Funding for this initiative comes from the Universal Service Fund. This fund was made to promote access to phone services in underserved areas and is now being used to bring Internet access to those same areas.

Here is how the FCC breaks out how the money will be spent:

StateCompany              Minimum SpeedSupport/10 YearsLocations
AlabamaViasat25/3 Mbps$3,692,9359,075
ArizonaViasat25/3 Mbps$129,559354
CaliforniaViasat25/3 Mbps$13,918,36218,795
ColoradoViasat25/3 Mbps$7,231,1816,517
FloridaViasat25/3 Mbps$5,032,8419,859
GeorgiaViasat25/3 Mbps$6,264,36213,815
IdahoViasat25/3 Mbps$4,402,0403,607
IllinoisLTD Broadband25/3 Mbps$19,462145
IowaLTD Broadband25/3 Mbps$69,51633
KentuckyViasat25/3 Mbps$1,673,1454,169
LouisianaViasat25/3 Mbps$2,873,2304,427
MaineViasat25/3 Mbps$4,713,9864,098
MinnesotaLTD Broadband25/3 Mbps$1,104,441840
MontanaViasat25/3 Mbps$5,180,5365,342
New MexicoViasat25/3 Mbps$3,132,6673,268
South CarolinaHorry Telephone Cooperative25/3 Mbps$233,49080
UtahViasat25/3 Mbps$3,119,6872,995
WashingtonViasat25/3 Mbps$7,031,86410,982
West VirginiaViasat25/3 Mbps$5,432,0567,057
WisconsinBruce Telephone Company1 Gbps/500 Mbps$177,93334
WisconsinJCWIFI.com25/3 Mbps$486,424175
WisconsinViasat25/3 Mbps$3,963,2287,565
WyomingViasat25/3 Mbps$9,301,9159,805

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